Wood carvings possess a warmth and texture that is not found in other materials and media. At the Woodworking Studio, each custom piece is crafted entirely by hand, giving your surroundings a truly distinctive touch. Every carving is the unique result of the client's dreams, the designer's ideas and the artist's inspiration.

The Studio offers:
- Carved architectural woodwork, corbels, shells and capitals
- Custom furniture for fine homes and offices
- Distinctive items such as mantels, brackets, range hoods and more
- Religious work includes alters, baptismal fonts and lecterns. A variety of Symbolic Art as well as Statuary is a particular passion at the studio.
- Antique restorations, including wood and plaster refurbishing that preserves the original artist's

Please take a moment to review the Gallery to see if something there doesn't inspire you to add a bit of creativity to your life.